First Aid for Mental Health

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First Aid for Mental Health (FAMH12)

First Aid for Mental Health in the Work Place Supervisor level
  1. This First Aid for Mental Health training course includes detail on a wide range of mental health conditions. It covers both the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications but is aimed at supervisor level within the workplace.

Providing learners with the knowledge to identify suspected mental health conditions and the skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost the person towards professional help.

Also expands on the effects of drugs and alcohol, incorporates the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan and covers ways in which a positive mental health culture can be supported within a workplace.

Day 1

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – What is first aid for mental health?
Module 3 – Identifying mental health conditions
Module 4 – Providing advice and starting a conversation
Module 5 – Stress
Module 6 – Drugs and alcohol
Module 7 – First aid action plan for mental health
Module 8 – Mental health in the workplace
Module 9 – Depression
Module 10 – Anxiety
Module 11 – Assessment and day 1 course closure

Day 2

Module 1 – Introduction and day 1 recap
Module 2 – Post-traumatic stress disorder
Module 3 – Self-harm
Module 4 – Suicide
Module 5 – Eating disorders
Module 6 – Personality disorders
Module 7 – Bipolar disorder
Module 8 – Psychosis
Module 9 – Schizophrenia
Module 10 – Assessment and course closure

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